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PHILATELY AND ART Some time ago, a young Uruguayan artist and philatelist, Mr. Julio de Sosa, also an avid researcher of
our stamps, showed me the painting he was making, which caused a very nice impression.
Now the painting is finished and Julio had kindly sent images to Ahora la obra está terminada y Julio tuvo la deferencia de enviarme imágenes y su comentario sobre la misma para ser compartido en esta página. Carlos Hernández

Painting     Detail

New study: Philatelic reproductions. A new and increasing problem.
Research by Dr. Gonzalo Fernandez

New study: 'A" Postmark
Research by Ec. Fernando Lorenzo

New study: Forgeries of the Stagecoach stamps (“LA CARRETA” Iv. A 89/96)
Research by Dr. Gonzalo Fernandez

New study: Errors, omissions and forgeries.
Research by Mr. Orlando Schaffer

  New book by Mr. Orlando Schäfer.

The purpose of this book is to inform about Fiscal Stamps used in Uruguay on Titles of both Industry
and Commerce. Includes a Description of the different types and values, laws, the system of classification
as well as a broad guide of the Statutes and signatories of such documents.

New Research Articles:

Study of Fournier forgeries. Stagecoach and Sun Issues:
Dr. Gonzalo Fernández Perdomo.

Study of the "Arredondo" postmark:
Dr. Gonzalo Fernández Perdomo.

Uruguayan Postcards Ilustrated with paintings:
Mr. Hugo Mancebo Decaux.

Uruguay Airmail Rates Box:

Study by Mr. Jorge Gaj.

Stamp types found in the 1864 Coat of Arms Issue:

A comprehensive research of the stamps types found on this issue including new subtypes
discovered by the author; Mr. Eduardo Boido.

Stamp Forgeries of the 1864 Coat of Arms Issue:

Research of the different forgeries made of this issue.

1930 "Tero" Postal Stationery:

Research made by Mr. Enzo Bellini.

Errors, omissions and forgeries.
Research by Mr. Orlando Schaffer

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